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First of all welcome to my Blog. For years i have had a wish to start a blog, now I had the courage to actually take the plunge. Now what will be the purpose of this blog?, first off, I want to improve my writings, secondly I want to communicate different topics of interest. The reason being, once you start writing about certain areas of interest, your knowledge within the field grows along the way.

But back to headline, Who am I? My name is Casper Spur, I am a father of 3 wonderfull kids, I’m 36 years young, I’m an Entreprenuer, maker and Blockchain enthusiast. I co-founded, and then i have a little laserengraving business.

For the last 15 years, I have been an entreprenuer, still waiting for the great success, but looks like i’m on track with Stakem.

What will be the topics of this blog? Most posts will be about crypto assets, e.g. new coins, free coins, mining possibilities, differences in coins etc… Could also be recommendations, but I will be clear on one thing, I will never give financial advice, everything I type will be from my own my mind, and judgement, If you follow along, It’s your own choice.